Meeting « Towards Uncertainty Quantification of IPSL-CM6: Development of new configurations to enable sensitivity experiments » – 7th May 2021

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You are cordially invited to attend a meeting entitled « Towards Uncertainty Quantification of IPSL-CM6: Development of new configurations to enable sensitivity experiments » that will take place on Friday, May 7th from 9:15 am until 16:00 (Paris time).
It will be the final meeting of QUEST project that has been ongoing since 2019, but it could be  interesting to you even if you don’t know anything about the QUEST project!
The meeting will take place in two parts. The morning will be split in two sessions : first, there will be some presentations of the impact of GM parametrisation in ORCAO25 coupled configuration and a discussion about the lessons learned in terms of automatic tuning in coupled mode (problem of sea-ice tuning). In the second part, the speakers will talk about the Project code and data management. There will be an intervention in how to make a stable pd Ctrl or warmer climate.
The afternoon will be dedicated to some presentations about modeling foresight in the US and the EU programmes related to climate modeling.
At last, an open discussion is scheduled to talk about the lessons learned through QUEST for the future of global climate modelling at IPSL.
Presentation slides will be in English, presentations mostly in French, discussions as preferred.
Contact : Julie Deshayes, LOCEAN/IPSL