Simulation description

Which CMIP5 simulations at the IPSL?

Each table shows the available IPSL-CM5 simulations depending on the CMIP5 experiments and frequencies:

IPSL-CM5 errata

The known errors on IPSL-CM5 files for CMIP5, and their possible corrections, are documented here:

Corresponding tables between IPSL-CM5 variables and CMIP5 outputs

Each sheet corresponds to a CMOR/MIP table and shows the correspondence between IPSL-CM5 and CMIP5 outputs:

IPSL used forcings

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Solar and volcanoes XLS | TXT Read more…
GHG RCP3/2.6 XLS | TXT Read more…
GHG RCP4.5 XLS | TXT Read more…
GHG RCP6 XLS | TXT Read more…
GHG RCP8.5 XLS | TXT Read more…
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IPSL forcings for historicalMisc experiment

  Long name IPSL-CM5A-LR corresponding members
Sl = Solar forcing only
Vl = Volcanic forcing only
Oz = Tropospheric and stratospheric ozone concentrations forcing only
LU = Land use forcing only
Ant = All anthropogenic forcings r[1‐3]i1p2
AA = Anthropogenic aerosol forcings only r1i1p3
noLU = All forcings excepts land use changes r[1‐3]i1p1
noOz = All forcings excepts ozone concentrations r[1‐5]i1p5
noAA = All forcings excepts anthropogenic aerosols r[1‐4]i1p4
GHGSA = Greehouses gases and sulfate aerosols forcings r[1‐2]i1p6

N.B.: No historicalMisc experiment for IPSL-CM5A-MR and IPSL-CM5B-LR.