Activity scope

The CMC-DATA working team aims to ensure the pivotal position at the interface between French researchers and international climate data. This activity includes:

  • the dissemination of climate simulations made by French teams for the international community on climate science, and
  • providing reference simulations and post-processing data and metadata according to international standards.

Such a distribution service will be referred to different simulations analysis projects by the scientific community, to the achievement of regional simulations based on the results of large-scale projections, and the dissemination of results for many impact studies. The PRODIGUER working team is part of networks providing data simulations at international and European levels and make data available for emerging climate services. The relevant simulations, formats and protocols used follow the recommendations bet up to the dissemination of CMIP simulations whose results will feed into the fifth IPCC report.


The CMC-DATA working team is part of climate modeling section of the IPSL. At the national level, our task is supporting the IPSL community and ensuring the coordination with French partners and especially the national computing center (CNRM, CERFACS, TGCC, IDRIS, CINES). In Europe, we act as part of the infrastructure for the European Network of the Earth System modeling project (IS-ENES) by coordinating with European data centre (BADC, DKRZ). A large part of our workload consist in operational implementation and strengthening of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESG-F). The ESG-F extends our task to the international level: we raise the needs of French partners on the forefront of the international discussions. The IPSL CMC-DATA members are heavily involved in the coordination and policy of ESG-F and all its related services.

Development guidelines

The CMC-DATA working team designs, develops and deploys applications to support research teams from the IPSL. It manage deployment and maintenance of French ESG-F data nodes and raise the needs of French scientists on the forefront of the international discussions. The CMC-DATA working team also provides support and assistance in the analysis of data by developing and updating various tools within the reach of researchers.

Core team

Name Affiliation Mail
Sébastien DENVIL IPSL/CNRS sdipsl@ipsl.fr
Guillaume LEVAVASSEUR IPSL/UPMC glipsl@ipsl.fr
Mark GREENSLADE IPSL/UPMC momipsl@ipsl.fr
Atef BENNASSER IPSL/UPMC abennasser@ipsl.fr
Sébastien GARDOLL IPSL/CNRS sgardoll@ipsl.fr
Xia JIN IPSL/CEA xjin@ipsl.fr