IPSL-CM5A2 is a version of the IPSL coupled climate model including atmosphere, land, ocean, sea ice and carbon cycle, with the goal to reproduce the IPSL-CM5A version, while bringing a number of improvements and reducing computational time to allow to run long simulations (i.e thousands of years) within a reasonable time.

The main characteristics of this model are ORCA2-LIM2-PISCES x LMD 96x95x39, the  »old » LMDZ physics, ORCHIDEE with Choisnel hydrology (2 layers). This model uses both recent component versions and recent technical developments (hybrid parallelization MPI-OpenMP, XIOS 2.0 as input-output library, OASIS3-MCT parallel coupler) that allow to reach more than 80 simulated years per day on about 300 computing cores. This model is available on Ada (IDRIS) and Irene (TGCC) supercomputers and benefits from the latest developments of libIGCM running environment.

A full documentation of the model can be found here.

Sepulchre, P., A. Caubel, J.-B. Ladant, L. Bopp, O. Boucher, P. Braconnot, P. Brockman, Y. Donnadieu, J.-L. Dufresne, A. Cozic, V. Estella-Perez, C. Ethé, F. Fluteau, S. Fromang, G. Gastineau, J. Ghattas, F. Hourdin, M. Kageyama, O. Marti, Y. Meuredesoif, J. Mignot, M. Khodri, A.-C. Sarr, J. Servonnat, D. Swingedouw, S. Szopa, D. Tardif, IPSL-CM5A2: An earth system model designed for long simulations of past and future climates, Geophysical Model Development, submitted, 2019. see discussion paper