Working groups

Working Groups Co-chairs
IPSL Earth System Modell Arnaud Caubel and Marie-Alice Foujols
Atmospheric and surface physics and dynamics Frédéric Hourdin and Laurent Fairhead
Ocean and sea ice physics and dynamics Christian Ethé, Claire Lévy and Gurvan Madec
Atmosphere and ocean interactions Sébastien Masson and Olivier Marti
Atmospheric chemistry and aerosols Anne Cozic and M. Marchand
Biogeochemical cycles Laurent Bopp and Patricia Cadule
Continental processes Philippe Peylin and Josefine Ghattas
Data Archive and Access Requirements Sébastien Denvil and Karim Ramage
Long-term experiments (century and longer) Jean-Louis Dufresne and Olivier Boucher
Paleoclimate to last millenium experiments Pascale Braconnot and Masa Kageyama
Near-term experiments (seasonal to decadal) Eric Guilyardi and Juliette Mignot
Regional experiments Laurent Li and Robert Vautard
Evaluation of the models, present-day and future climate change analysis Sandrine Bony, Patricia Cadule, Marion Marchand and Juliette Mignot