IPSL-CMC scientific notes

Number – date
Authors Title
N° 34 – May 2018 Q. Perrier et al. « Zéro émissions nettes » : Signification et implications
N° 33 – November 2015 Groupe Interdisciplinaire sur les Contributions Nationales (GICN) Working Paper
N° 32 – October 2014 IPSL-CMC Stratégie calcul en modélisation du climat :
– Synthèse
– Document technique
N° 31 – January 2012 M. Vancoppenolle et al. LIM – The Louvain-La-Neuve sea Ice Model
N° 30 – October 2005 A. Idelkadi, P. Levan and F. Hourdin A global climate model with strechable grid and nudging: I. Simulation of tracer transport at continental scales
N° 29 – March 2007 IPSL-CMC Stratégie calcul en modélisation du climat :
– Synthèse
– Document technique
N° 28 – 2006 C. Ethé, O. Aumont, M-A. Foujols, M. Lévy  NEMO reference manual, tracer component : NEMO-TOP. In progress
N° 27 – January 2011, version 3.3 G. Madec  NEMO ocean engine
N° 26 – June 2006 O. Marti, P. Braconnot, J. Bellier, et al. The new IPSL climate system model : IPSL-CM4 
N° 25 – May 2004 IPSL-CMC Ressources nécessaire pour la modélisation du climat à l’IPSL (IPSL necessary ressources for climate modelling)  
N°24 – November 2002 S. Gervois, N. Viovy, N. de Noblet et al. Vers une meilleure prise en compte des surfaces cultivées dans un modèle global de biosphère (ORCHIDEE) : Couplage avec un modèle agronomique (STICS) 
N° 23 – July 2002 O. Boucher, M. Pham, and C. Venkataraman Simulation of the atmospheric sulfur cycle in the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique General Circulation Model. Model description, model evaluation, and global and European budgets 
N° 22  – January 2002 P. de Rosnay A GCM experiment on time sampling for remote sensing of near-surface soil moisture 
N° 21 – October 2001 Y. Le Clainche, P. Braconnot, O. Marti, et al. The role of sea ice thermodynamics in the Northern Hemisphere climate as simulated by a global coupled ocean-atmosphere model 
N° 20 – February 2001 A. Ducharne, C. Golaz, E. Leblois, et al. RiTHM (River Transfer Hydrological Model) : a Runoff Routing Scheme for GCMs 
N° 19 – October 2000 P. Friedlingstein, L. Bopp, P. Ciais, et al. Positive feedback of the carbon cycle on future change climate change  
N° 18 – October 2000 H. Le Treut and B. McAvaney A model intercomparison of equilibrium climate change in response to CO2 doubling  
N° 17 – January 2000 J.-P. Boulanger and C. Menkes The Trident Pacific model.
Part 2: The thermodynamical model and the role of long equatorial wave reflection during the TOPEX/POSEIDON period
N° 16 – January 2000 J.-P. Boulanger The Trident Pacific model.
Part 1: The oceanic dynamical model and observations during the TOPEX/POSEIDON period
N° 15 – December 1999 L. Menut, R. Vautard, C. Honnoré, M. Beekmann Sensitivity of Photochemical Pollution using the Adjoint of a Simplified Chemistry-Transport Model  
N° 14 – March 1999 D. Hauglustaine Impact of Biomass Burning and Lightning Emissions on the Distribution of Tropospheric Ozone and its Precursors in the Tropics  
N° 13 – February 1999 E. Guilyardi, G. Madec and L. Terray The Role of Lateral Ocean Physics in the Upper Ocean Thermal Balance of a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere GCM
N° 12 – January 1999 M. Guyon, G. Madec, C. Herbaut, et al. Domain Decomposition Method as a Nutshell for Massively Parallel Ocean Modelling with the OPA Model
N° 11 – December 1998 G. Madec, P. Delecluse, M. Imbard and C. Lévy OPA8.1 ocean general circulation model reference manual
N° 10  – November 1998 Z.X. Li, A.F. Carril Transient properties of atmospheric circulation in two reanalysis datasets
N° 9 – October 1998 F. Codron, A. Vintzileos and R. Sadourny An Improved Interpolation Scheme between an Atmospheric Model and Underlying Surface Grids near Orography and Ocean Boundaries
N° 8 – September 1998 C. Laurent, H. Le Treut, Z.-X. Li, L. Fairhead and J.-L. Dufresne The influence of resolution in simulating inter-annual and inter-decadal variability in a coupled ocean-atmosphere GCM, with emphasis over the North Atlantic
N° 7 – June 1998 M. Lévy, L. Mémery and G. Madec Combined Effects of Mesoscale Processes and Atmospheric High-Frequency Variability on the Spring Bloom in the MEDOC Area
N° 6  – May 1998 E. Cohen-Solal and H. Le Treut Long term climate drift of a coupled surface ocean-atmosphere model: role of ocean heat transport and cloud radiative feedbacks
N° 5  – April 1998 O. Aumont, J. C. Orr, P. Monfray, and G. Madec Nutrient trapping in the equatorial Pacific: The ocean circulation solution
N° 4 – March 1998 J. Vialard and P. Delecluse An OGCM Study for the TOGA Decade.
Part I: Role of Salinity in the Physics of the Western Pacific Fresh Pool.
Part II: Barrier layer formation and variability.
N° 3 – February 1998 V. Masson, S. Joussaume, S. Pinot and G. Ramstein Impact of parameterizations on simulated winter mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum climatic changes in the Northern Hemisphere
N° 2 – January 1998 M. Lévy, L. Mémery and J.-M. André Simulation of primary production and export fluxes in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea
N° 1 – January 1998 A. Ducharme, K. Laval and J. Polcher Sensitivity of the hydrological cycle to the parameterization of soil hydrology in a GCM