Withdrawal from CMIP6

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Due to significant issues recently found in their model components, IPSL CMC has decided to stop the production of its pre-industrial spinup climate simulation that started on March 29th. Given the tight schedule it was operating on and the severity of the issues found, IPSL CMC has no other option but to withdraw its participation to the CMIP6 project. Usage of the remaining computing time dedicated to the CMIP6 production will be re-assessed in consultation with GENCI. Despite this setback, IPSL CMC remains dedicated to climate modelling and is already looking forward to CMIP7. IPSL CMC would like to acknowledge its supervisory bodies for their continued support and trust. Our ESGF operations are unaffected by the issues and will continue as planned. However it is conceivable that the issues found in the IPSL models also affect other modelling groups.

For the record, this news was published on April Fools’ Day.