ESGF prizes for Guillaume Levavasseur and Sébastien Denvil

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Guillaume Levavasseur (IPSL) and Alan Iwi (CEDA) have received an award for their « Exceptional contribution to CDNOT data challenges » from the ESGF Executive Committee. During this year, Guillaume and Alan have demonstrated week after week their ability to grasp and solve complex technical questions thanks to their thoroughness and technical skills. Without respite, they polished and tamed the CMIP6 publication chain in all its dimensions. Additionally, Guillaume and Alan have been long-time contributors to ESGF: thanks to their impressive problem solving mindset they have just been tackling any problem that came along and we sincerely thank them for this.

Sébastien Denvil (IPSL) has received an award for his « Extraordinary achievement in CDNOT leadership ». The ESGF community who would like to recognize his singular efforts in bringing forth a functioning federation of data nodes hosting data for CMIP6. In his leadership role within the CMIP6 Data Node Operations Team (CDNOT), he orchestrated the very complex process of operationalizing the federation for CMIP6. This was done during the period of 2017-2018 when everything was in flux: the scientific design of CMIP6, the design and implementation of the ESGF software stack, the number of participating institutions (currently standing at four data nodes hosting output from six models from four institutions. The challenges included ensuring participation from a quorum of datanodes, getting consensus on a software stack from development and deployment teams, and most importantly, orchestrating a series of ‘data challenges’ to ensure that the federation indeed functioned as designed. Without Sebastien’s indefatigable efforts, we would not be where we are today. The community therefore salutes Sebastien with an Extraordinary Achievement Award at the 2018 ESGF F2F.