2012/03/5-9 WCRP – CMIP5 Workshop on Model Analysis

WCRP – CMIP5 Workshop on Model Analysis
5-9 March 2012,  Honolulu, USA

Attendance is limited by the size of the venue (approx. 150 people) and format of workshop. Participation will be invitation-only based on abstracts that are selected for presentation.

All details and update information can be found at http://cmip5.wcrp-climate.org/workshop

The workshop is organized by the WCRP/CLIVAR Working Group on Coupled Models (WGCM) and is hosted by the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) at the University of Hawaii. The workshop will consist of a
series of half-day sessions. Each session will begin with presenters in that session given three minutes to show no more than one slide summarizing the main conclusion; the rest of the half day session will consist of
viewing the posters of that session.

Criteria: Abstract acceptance will be based on priority given to at least the following criteria:

1. Multi-model CMIP5 analyses aiming to physically interpret robust behavior and/or inter-model differences based on basic principles, theories and/or through a hierarchy of models (or model configurations) of different

2. The program committee will attempt to achieve a balance of results from the various experiment types from CMIP5

3. To demonstrate that your analysis has already begun, you are encouraged to include a description of your preliminary analysis so far, and any conclusions supported by it

– November 15 2011 – Abstract submission opens
– December 14 2011 – Deadline for abstract submission
– End December 2011 – Notification of accepted abstracts

Gerald Meehl – NCAR, USA and Sandrine Bony – LMD/IPSL, France,
on behalf of the Programme Committee (Gerald Meehl, Sandrine Bony, Ron
Stouffer, Karl Taylor, John Mitchell, Curt Covey, Mojib Latif)