2011/04/13-15. First ACC-MIP workshop of the IGAC/SPARC

First ACC-MIP workshop of the IGAC/SPARC, Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Initiative (AC&C), Toulouse, France, 13-15 April 2011 .

The workshop objectives and discussions will cover :

  1. status of simulations by the various groups
  2. results from the analysis of model runs
  3. next steps

Tentative agenda

  • measurement/model comparison of ozone RF estimates from TES (Kevin Bowman),

  • air quality and climate penalty (Bill Collins),

  • deposition of nitrogen and sulfur (Frank Dentener),

  • comparisons with ice core observations and modern aircraft/satellite data (troposphere & stratosphere) (Jean-François Lamarque and Veronika Eyring),

  • evaluation of ozone budget and methane lifetime, comparison with ozonesondes (David Stevenson),

  • aeroCom-style evaluation of models vs multiple datasets (AeroNet, satellite, etc.) (Michael Schulz),

  • evaluation of radiative forcing and of climate response (Drew Shindell),

  • response to isoprene change (Paul Young),

  • changes in convection and lightning over time (Ruth Doherty),

  • analysis of OH behavior over time (Apostolos Voulgarakis).

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