ICMC General Assembly 2010

The ICMC General Assembly  was held at Paris (Jussieu site), in the amphitheater Astier, on June 2010. The talks were given in French

That assembly was widely dedicated to the presentation of our strategic plan and involvement in the international project CMIP5.


List of the presentations



IPSL Earth System Model

Jean-Louis Dufresne

Atmospheric and surface physics and dynamics

Frédéric Hourdin

Ocean and sea ice physics and dynamics

Gurvan Madec


Atmosphere and ocean interactions

Olivier Marti and Juliette Mignot

Regional experiments Laurent Li

Atmospheric chemistry and aerosols

Marion Marchand (stratospheric chemistry) and
Sophie Szopa (tropo. chemistry & aerosols)

Biogeochemical cycles

Laurent Bopp and Patricia Cadule


Data Archive and Access Requirements

Arnaud Caubel

Paleoclimate to last millenium experiments Pascale Braconnot (paleo. & PMIP) and
Myriam Khodri (last millenium)

« Near-term” experiments (seasonal to decadal)

Eric Guilyardi and Juliette Mignot

Data portal and post processing

Sébastien Denvil and Karim Ramage

Evaluation of the models, present-day and future climate change analysis

Juliette Mignot and Sandrine Bony