ICMC General Assembly 2009

The ICMC General Assembly was held at Branville, on February 2009. The talks were given in French.

2009-2013 prospective of the modelling pole.


List of the presentations Speakers


Assessment based on the presentation of the modelling pole to the engineers, on january 2005

Pascale Braconnot

Organization of the pole based on the prospective 2009-2013 presented at the AERES on january 2009

Jean-Louis Dufresne

Uncertainties on the climatic sensitivity, the cloud feedbacks and the changes of precipitation: some pathways for the pole of modelling

Sandrine Bony

Seasonal to decadal predictability: a new theme for the pole

Eric Guilyardi and Juliette Mignot

Seasonal Climate Predictability in a Coupled OAGCM Using a Different Approach for Ensemble Forecast Sébastien Masson